Welcome to my E-Portfolio! My name is Ellie Cole and I am a Junior Early Childhood Education Major at John Carroll University. Within this blog, I will be sharing my insights and experiences pertaining to education. Also, I will be posting about new information I will be learning in my Educational Technology class. Within these posts, I will be gathering information from articles, personal thoughts, and my experiences in the classroom to provide informational and engaging posts. I hope to gather information about technology in the classroom and implement it into my future practice as an educator. As an educator, the students in my classroom will come to school ready to learn new things each and every day. The students will be active listeners, respectful, and willing to work with students in the classroom to learn from each other and develop new ideas. We will learn, laugh, and smile as hardworking students every day to have a fun-filled, successful year! I hope you enjoy exploring my E-Portfolio and reading my posts for my educational technology class!